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Each week on our podcast we get to interview interesting people from the travel industry. We've narrowed it down to five questions.



January 29, 2023

Five Questions with... Dan Lockyer, Chief Revenue Officer with Dream Yacht Charters


Here the full interview HERE

Tell me about Dream Yacht Charters, how it began and how you got where you are today? 

Sure, well, we're, we're a worldwide yacht charter company. We operate yachts all over the globe. The company started back in 2001 started in our first base in the Seychelles with a fleet of six boats. And over the years, we've expanded added more and more locations, more different types of ways to go sailing and enjoy the ocean and these destinations. And we now operate just over 50 locations around the world with a fleet of about 900 yachts, so it's been quite a journey. 

When people say a dream yacht vacation or something like that. Do they have the feeling that, I could never possibly afford that? That's for the lifestyle of the rich and famous kind of thing. But it's not that way. Is it? 

That's a common misconception. And actually, when we when we tell people the prices, and they hear what it costs, they're usually very pleasantly surprised. I mean, the whole ethos of our company is to is to make sailing more accessible to everyone. When you look at the pricing its comparable to a resort holiday or to a cruise holiday.

Let's talk about some of the locations. Where do you sail? 

We started in the Seychelles, so that's where we call home. But as we we've grown; we cover some of the most popular cruising grounds in the world. Places like Greece and Croatia in the Mediterranean. throughout the Caribbean. We have a big presence in the British Virgin Islands, all the way through the islands from St Maarten, Antigua, Martinique, Guadeloupe down to Grenada. Bahamas is proving very popular for us. We operate two locations there with quite different cruising grounds. And then we have some of the other exotic locations. We have a large fleet in Tahiti in French Polynesia, which offers some really stunning scenery. We have Seychelles, Thailand. We operate in the Whitsundays in Australia. So, we really are everywhere you could want to sail now.


Tell me how it works, using myself for an example, I would never want to attempt to Captain a boat so I guess I would need a crew to help me along. And if I wanted to go somewhere in the Caribbean, or some place like that, do I just show up? How does it work? 

Exactly. So, in the website, you can see the different types of cruises we have available and where they're available. If you were to go for a cruise with the support of a group, sort of catered voyage that's available for most of our locations, and you could then decide. If it's just a couple of people traveling, you might decide that you want to take a cabin on one of our cruises with a set departure and join other like-minded people. Or it might be that you want to take a large group and take a boat to yourself. Once we decide on the location, there's a couple of different options available. You can then see the availability, the pricing of each of the options in the itinerary, which will give you an idea for what you can expect to experience within that week. And one of the things that we really stress is we've got an experienced team on hand to help you at any stage. We understand it's a really daunting prospect for non-sailors so we offer up a lot of information on the website, but we're still got the human touch behind it, to help guide you through the decisions.


You touched on what's included? It's almost like an all inclusive vacation. Is it not? 

On the cabin product? Yes, more or less. All the meals are included, drinks with meals and the service of the crew throughout. There's a couple of options that people can choose to take and they're optional because some people prefer just to relax on the boat or on the beach that we're visiting that day, but it's more or less all inclusive. Yeah. 


Hear the full interview HERE

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