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Informed Traveler SEG 1 (Nov. 22/20)

Travelzoo's Best Bets 2021

Dreamers Edition

There is power in planning. We know that just dreaming about and planning for a trip can have a positive impact on our mental state. That's why we're calling this year's list Travelzoo Best Bets 2021: Dreamers Edition. These destinations are perfect for long-term trip planning, and offer great deals with highly flexible cancellation policies.

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Informed Traveler SEG 1 (Nov. 15/20)

COVID19 Testing at YYC

Travel Consultant Ken Stewart from Crowfoot Travel Solutions shares his recent experience returning to Calgary from Cancun and undergoing the COVID19 Test (the first of its kind at any Canadian airport) and the new ArrivCan process. 

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Informed Traveler SEG 1 (Nov. 8/20)

The New Aeroplan

Patrick Sojka, founder of Rewards Canada discusses some of the features and benefits of the new Aeroplan travel rewards program.

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Informed Traveler SEG 1 (Nov. 1/20)

Airline Refunds

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, air travelers have faced significant challenges in exercising their right to a refund for flights cancelled by airlines. Passenger Rights advocate Dr Gabor Lukacs discusses a new bill introduced in Parliament that reaffirms the rule that an airline must provide refunds to the original form of payment for flights they cancel.

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Informed Traveler SEG 1 (Oct. 25/20)

Jasper National Park

We took our show on the road to Jasper National Park and the Town of Jasper. We got the chance to learn more about the park from Rogier Gruys, Visitor Experience and Product Development Specialist for Parks Canada.

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25 Important Lessons Learned From Traveling The World

There are so many lessons to be learned from travelling. Travel changes us, whether or not we think it does.  It exposes a world of cultures to explore, new people to encounter, and unfamiliar situations to face. What better way to be prepared for travel than to learn from those who have been there, done that?

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Informed Traveler SEG 2 (Nov. 22/20)

Basecamp Resorts Revelstoke

Basecamp Revelstoke, the newest addition to the Basecamp Resorts family, is a boutique hotel resort situated just a short walk from Downtown Revelstoke, overlooking the Columbia River and only a 15 minute shuttle ride to the world-famous Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

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87 Fabulous Things to Do in Canada in Winter

Canada in winter is the place to be if you love snow, cold and the outdoors. Unfortunately for many getting through a Canadian winter is an exercise in endurance and survival, with days and weeks checked off on the long road to the May long weekend. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. 

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Informed Traveler SEG 2 (Nov. 15/20)

Venture West This Winter

The BC Hotel Association recently launched a campaign called "Venture West This Winter" designed to showcase Vancouver Island as destination choice for a long term stay this winter.

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Informed Traveler SEG 3 (Nov. 15/20)

Air Canada Vacations 

Air Canada Vacations has added two more vacation options out of Western Canada for winter 2020-2021, with flights departing from Calgary to Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. Starting Dec. 18 and Calgary to Puerto Vallarta and starting Dec. 19, Calgary to Cancun. Connectors are available from 54 Canadian cities.

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Informed Traveler SEG 2 (Nov. 8/20)'s 9 Predictions

for the Future of Travel

While 2020 has seen dramatic shifts in the way we live, work, and travel, our desire to see the world remains strong, with travelers continuing to find unique ways to safely explore near and far. As we approach 2021, looks ahead to see what’s in store for travel in the coming year, and beyond.

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Bomber Command Museum of Canada, Nanton. AB

 Located in Nanton, AB the museum opened in 1986 and was founded to protect and restore Avro Lancaster FM159, one of only 17 remaining in the world. It has since grown to include a large collection of aircraft, many of which were used during the War by the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

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Informed Traveler SEG 2 (Nov. 1/20)

Dakota Dunes Resort and Casino, SK

Located on traditional Whitecap Dakota Unceded Territory, nestled within a beautiful river setting and surrounded by gently rolling natural sand dunes, Dakota Dunes Resort & Casino is Saskatoon’s first full-service resort experience. This newly built 155-room resort is a tribute in design to its indigenous heritage with its angular window trims and exterior wood panels echoing the traditional tipi.

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Informed Traveler SEG 3 (Nov. 1/20)

Rowley, AB

The Ghost town of Rowley lies in central-east Alberta about a 30 minute drive north of Drumhellor. There are about 12 permanent residents. Locals have restored many of the old pioneer buildings, including the excellent Railway Museum, Prairie School Museum and the historic Sam's Saloon which now offers tourists refreshments and entertainment.

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Informed Traveler SEG 2 (Oct. 25/20)

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

We took our show on the road to Jasper  staying 3 nights at the beautiful Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge and that's where we met up with Danika Beaton, PR Manager for the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge to find out more about the lodge.

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Informed Traveler SEG 2 (Oct. 18/20)

Worth The Quarantine: Feeling safe and Having Fun in Jamaica

Travel Columnist Sam Ion didn’t know what to expect when she flew to the Moon Palace Jamaica. In fact, she couldn’t imagine what an all-inclusive resort would be like in this world of COVID and the new normal. Sam shared her experience with us and gives us some insight into traveling during the COVID Pandemic.

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Informed Traveler SEG 3 (Oct. 25/20)

Jasper, AB

Part of our trip to Jasper included a chat with James Jackson, Pres. and CEO of Tourism Jasper to learn about the upcoming winter activities.

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Informed Traveler SEG 4 (Oct. 25/20)

Animals of the Night Hike With Jasper Hikes and Tours

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Informed Traveler SEG 3 (Oct. 18/20)

I Need Switzerland

Switzerland recently rolled out a major consumer and trade campaign “I need Switzerland” that runs until November 1.

Canadians can travel to Switzerland without having to quarantine upon arrival and immediately enjoy the Swiss Alps and their four language regions. The moment is right to talk about booking travel again.

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How To Protect Yourself If You're A Scent-Sensitive Traveler

If you think the risk of a coronavirus infection makes travel difficult, imagine how passengers who are sensitive to cleansers feel. On the one hand, they could catch COVID; on the other, they might have an asthmatic attack or allergic reaction to the strong cleaners used obsessively to disinfect surfaces.

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Informed Traveler SEG 2 (Oct. 11/20)

Resorts of the Canadian Rockies

Ski Season is coming up soon so Matt Mosteller, AKA Powder Matt, spokesperson for Resorts of the Canadian Rockies offers some insight on how the season will look with COVID protocols in place and gives some general ski tips.

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Jasper Dark Sky Festival

Each October for the past decade, the Jasper Dark Sky Festival has brought star-studded line-ups and legions of amateur astronomers to the mountains.
This year—the tenth anniversary—the festival will look a little different. Due to Covid-19, there will be some changes
to prioritize safety for all involved, as well as lots of new opportunities to learn and see the stars.

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Pig Out Trail, Osoyoos, BC

For ten-years, Pig Out has brought together the fantastic wines of Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country with fabulous pork-inspired dishes, this magically culinary experience continues working through the challenges presented by the restrictions on large gatherings through

the pandemic.

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True Key Hotels And Resorts

With border restrictions in place during the COVID Pandemic it may be difficult to escape for a long stay down south this winter. True Key Hotels and Resorts may have the solution offering 5 resorts in the warmer climate of BC. 

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Informed Traveler SEG 3 (Oct. 4/20)

Victoria, BC

Greater Victoria’s enviable, pristine island location and mild year-round climate allow for open spaces and an outdoor lifestyle, including comfortable physical distancing. Whether it’s spotting a whale, strolling down Canada’s narrowest street, hiking through breathtaking rainforests, or paddling through our iconic harbour, rediscover extraordinary experiences at your own comfortable pace.

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Informed Traveler SEG 1 (Sept. 27/20)

The 6 Top Travel Trends on Travelzoo's Radar This Fall

Travelzoo recently polled their members and found that more than 60% are hoping to take at least one local getaway this fall.

The experts at Travelzoo have put together a summary of what Canadians can expect from travel this fall, including the latest trends.

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Informed Traveler SEG 2 (Sept. 27/20)

Inn At Laurel Point, Victoria BC

Find genuine hospitality and a breathtaking setting in downtown Victoria at Inn at Laurel Point. With stunning views of the city’s famous Inner Harbour and serene surroundings on the edge of the capital city, Inn at Laurel Point makes every stay a remarkable one.

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Informed Traveler SEG 3 (Sept. 27/20)

Metis Crossing, AB

Built on the original river lots of Métis settlers to this region in the late 1800s, Métis Crossing is home to Alberta’s first Métis cultural interpretive centre. Drop in for a cultural tour or camp in a replica fur trapper tent. 

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