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25 Important Lessons Learned From Traveling The World

There are so many lessons to be learned from travelling. Travel changes us, whether or not we think it does.  It exposes a world of cultures to explore, new people to encounter, and unfamiliar situations to face. What better way to be prepared for travel than to learn from those who have been there, done that?

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Worth The Quarantine: Feeling safe and Having Fun in Jamaica

Travel Columnist Sam Ion didn’t know what to expect when she flew to the Moon Palace Jamaica. In fact, she couldn’t imagine what an all-inclusive resort would be like in this world of COVID and the new normal. Sam shared her experience with us and gives us some insight into traveling during the COVID Pandemic.

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I Need Switzerland

Switzerland recently rolled out a major consumer and trade campaign “I need Switzerland” that runs until November 1.

Canadians can travel to Switzerland without having to quarantine upon arrival and immediately enjoy the Swiss Alps and their four language regions. The moment is right to talk about booking travel again.

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How To Protect Yourself If You're A Scent-Sensitive Traveler

If you think the risk of a coronavirus infection makes travel difficult, imagine how passengers who are sensitive to cleansers feel. On the one hand, they could catch COVID; on the other, they might have an asthmatic attack or allergic reaction to the strong cleaners used obsessively to disinfect surfaces.

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Resorts of the Canadian Rockies

Ski Season is coming up soon so Matt Mosteller, AKA Powder Matt, spokesperson for Resorts of the Canadian Rockies offers some insight on how the season will look with COVID protocols in place and gives some general ski tips.

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Jasper Dark Sky Festival

Each October for the past decade, the Jasper Dark Sky Festival has brought star-studded line-ups and legions of amateur astronomers to the mountains.
This year—the tenth anniversary—the festival will look a little different. Due to Covid-19, there will be some changes
to prioritize safety for all involved, as well as lots of new opportunities to learn and see the stars.

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Pig Out Trail, Osoyoos, BC

For ten-years, Pig Out has brought together the fantastic wines of Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country with fabulous pork-inspired dishes, this magically culinary experience continues working through the challenges presented by the restrictions on large gatherings through

the pandemic.

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The 6 Top Travel Trends on Travelzoo's Radar This Fall

Travelzoo recently polled their members and found that more than 60% are hoping to take at least one local getaway this fall.

The experts at Travelzoo have put together a summary of what Canadians can expect from travel this fall, including the latest trends.

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True Key Hotels And Resorts

With border restrictions in place during the COVID Pandemic it may be difficult to escape for a long stay down south this winter. True Key Hotels and Resorts may have the solution offering 5 resorts in the warmer climate of BC. 

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Inn At Laurel Point, Victoria BC

Find genuine hospitality and a breathtaking setting in downtown Victoria at Inn at Laurel Point. With stunning views of the city’s famous Inner Harbour and serene surroundings on the edge of the capital city, Inn at Laurel Point makes every stay a remarkable one.

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Victoria, BC

Greater Victoria’s enviable, pristine island location and mild year-round climate allow for open spaces and an outdoor lifestyle, including comfortable physical distancing. Whether it’s spotting a whale, strolling down Canada’s narrowest street, hiking through breathtaking rainforests, or paddling through our iconic harbour, rediscover extraordinary experiences at your own comfortable pace.

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Metis Crossing, AB

Built on the original river lots of Métis settlers to this region in the late 1800s, Métis Crossing is home to Alberta’s first Métis cultural interpretive centre. Drop in for a cultural tour or camp in a replica fur trapper tent. 

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COVID Travel Insurance

Canadians yearning to travel abroad can now get medical insurance to cover costs if they get sick with the coronavirus while travelling. Air Canada, WestJet, Sunwing are all offering free COVID-19 medical coverage to passengers booking certain international flights and vacation packages. Plus beginning Oct. 1 Manulife will offer COVID travel Insurance on separate travels plans. 

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Escapade Francaise

Escapade Française is a platform and a network of contacts bringing together a strong association of individual French tourist structures on a human scale intended for lovers of travel, lovers of residences and authenticity all gathered around a single Passion: French culture.

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What It Was Like Traveling to the Dominican Republic During COVID-19 Pandemic

Travelpulse's Managing Editor, Eric Bowman shares his experience visiting the Dominican Republic during the COVID Pandemic.

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Informed Traveler SEG 1 (Sept. 13/20)

10 Measures To Boost Traveler


Travelport carried out research focused on travelers’ changing needs in the era of COVID-19. They identified 10 categories that are key to restoring consumer confidence — nine safety measures plus the added driver of keeping travelers' money safe through flexible change/cancellation policies.

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Hamilton House Inn, Cherry Grove AB

Hamilton House Inn is a family run B&B and more, located in a beautiful country setting with easy access to a variety of recreational areas and facilities. Located  in north eastern Alberta, just 10 mins south east of the city of Cold lake, which is; 3 hours from Edmonton Alberta, 2 hours from Lloydminster Alberta, and 4 hours from Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

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Travel Alberta

As the summer of the road trip comes to an end, Travel Alberta is encouraging Albertans and Canadians to get out and experience what Alberta has to offer this Fall and Winter.

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ACV's COVID19 Coverage Plan

Your Air Canada Vacation package now includes a COVID-19 Coverage & Assistance Plan, administered by Allianz Global Assistance, at no additional cost to you! As sunny destinations start to open up to travelers, you'll be able to travel with confidence and enjoy your vacation with peace of mind! It's designed to cover emergency medical and quarantine costs related to COVID-19 while travelling.

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Hotel Zed Tofino, Tofino BC

Hotel Zed Tofino isn't like any other hotel experience. It's a luxurious take on the retro-chic Hotel Zed brand, but they're continuing to rebel against the ordinary in every way they can. What other hotel would run a bike path directly through their lobby, or offer you unique amenities like a psychic den and a sunken living room?

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Highwood Pass, Kananaskis AB

Highwood Pass is a mountain pass in Kananaskis Country, Alberta. It lies within the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park on Alberta Highway 40. License To Ride founder Phoenix Phillips shares his experience traveling through the area and offers some insightful highlights.

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Bird Watching In Cranbrook, BC

Cranbrook offers enough unexpected twists and bird-friendly terrain to keep your binoculars pointed skywards for several days. With more than 200 species recorded and located on a migratory flyway this community has much to crow about but has been relatively undiscovered by birdwatchers.

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Last Frontier Heliskiing 

When you arrive at Last Frontier Heliskiing, you’ve left the world behind. It’s up in Northern British Columbia where things get wild. Over more than two decades, they’ve carefully honed their approach to helicopter skiing and boarding. From the moment you arrive to your last run, they’ll pull out all the stops to make your trip one to remember.

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Contiki's Canadian Tours

Contiki is bringing you Canada's most jaw-dropping destinations, but it’s the unique experiences that make their domestic trips unforgettable. From hitting the slopes in Whistler to kayaking in the Bay of Fundy, they’re designed to show you a side of Canada you’ve never seen before.

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Flight Plan

Mike McNaney, President of The National Airlines Council of Canada (NACC) which represents Canada’s major air carriers, offers some insight on welcoming the release of “Flight Plan”, the government’s plan to continue to protect public health and safety in air travel. 

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Good Knights

Travel back in time and stay in one of the lavishly furnished medieval tents at The Encampment. Fun for the whole family with a wide array of activities, Saturday night feasts, and a whole lot more. Get ready for a Glamping experience like no other!

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Google's Summer Travel Search Results

With the end of summer nearing, and COVID-19 restrictions starting to loosen across the country, more Canadians are searching for ways to get out and explore.

Find out where and what they were searching for in this Interview with Google's Level 7 Local Guide Nick Roche.

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