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Want Randy to come speak at your next event?

Broadcaster.  Speaker.  Avid Traveler.

Randy Sharman is the Host and Producer of The Informed Traveler Radio Show, a weekly travel program dedicated to bringing you the latest travel news and information. Each week he provides insight traveling to interesting destinations and amazing resorts plus useful travel tips to help you along the way. Heard Sunday’s on 770CHQR in Calgary and 630CHED in Edmonton, Alberta

Randy's travel knowledge and experience comes from working in the cruise line industry for 3 years and being a home-based travel consultant.

Don’t put that dream adventure in the “Someday” category. Do it now.

44% of people don’t use all of their vacation time and a further

27% of Canadians go a year or more without taking a holiday.

A vacation provides the opportunity to catch up on sleep and exercise, which are two simple remedies for our many aches and pains. Learn the many benefits of travel and why it's important for your physical, emotional and mental well being.


Vacations help us gain perspective on our problems, relax with our families and friends and take a break from our usual routines. Find out how you can take a number of self-improvement goals and achieve them simply by traveling more. 


Employers have a role in encouraging employees to take advantage of paid vacation time. Discover how to increase productivity by helping employees feel good about taking their actual vacation entitlement. 









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